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February 4, 2012
My New Personal Truth

It turned out that I am a psychic. My primary power is telekinesis, the ability to move objects by pure force of will. Telekinesis falls under the header of psychokinesis powers. Another common example of psychokinesis that you may be familiar with is pyrokinesis, the ability to create and manipulate fire by pure force of will. Let me again give you a grain of salt to go with this. If you can believe in a ghost that can do what I am talking about then can you not believe a living person can do so as well?

I've been told that I have or will develop other psychic abilities. It is usually par for the course when an individual has a strong ability, as I seem to be proving to have. I haven't heard a technical term for it, and I haven't given a name to it yet personally, but the events that transpired when I was away from locations seemed to point to an ability to make psychic things go on without directing them consciously, without even any way to be aware of what is going on at that other location. Perhaps I am leaving a bit of my mental self behind to direct these uses of telekinesis. It seems like a good theory to work on while I get more control over my psychic manipulation of objects.

The haunting I thought I suffered might suggest other abilities. I tend to agree with others that the dreams that I had of being a flying saltshaker must play into my abilities some way as well. I guess to know what is going on in a place far away from me and throw things around requires some sense of the world around my bit of flying thoughts. It's all like learning a new language, learning to walk and then run, and researching a new field of study, all wrapped up in a messy, frightening ball. At least the fear has fallen away somewhat over what I can do. That still doesn't help the other fear involving Mr. Peterson and his people.

Tags: haunted, location, O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, psychic, psychokinesis, research.

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