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December 15, 2012
Accepting the Lead

I don't know how it happened that I ended up being a leader. It was never anything I took any interest in during my career. I was perfectly happy just to wheel and deal and be a salesman. I didn't have a team under me; it was just me and the product line. That work had more than its share of responsibility though. In fact some of that responsibility and my internal aversion to it no doubt led to a lot of the poltergeist behaviour in my house, since after all the ghost was me. Now here I am with a number of people looking to me for guidance and direction. What gives me the right to do that?

Is it because I charge blindly into danger? Is it because I am incapable of being idle while heinous things go on? Is it because I refuse to let harm come to those around me? Is it because I will defend the people I care about at the expense of the mangling and murdering of others who would do the same to us? Is it because I condemn those who sit on the sidelines when they could take action to do the right thing and save lives? Sarah sitting, watching over my shoulder, as I type says, "Yes, it's a good start."

Okay, I will accept the mantle--hopefully without being as pompous as that just sounded in my head. I will take charge. I will try to point us the right way. I will be a good example. I will listen. I will take advice and criticism, and let the experience and knowledge of my team work for us. I'll add when I can and stand aside when I cannot. I won't ask for what I won't do. I won't do what our group conscience can't stand. There are prices, there are costs, but there are lines we can't cross no matter how easy it would be to do so. I've never believed the ends justify the means and I refuse to start now.

So if you are out there thinking you can do what you will. If you think your importance is greater than everyone else's. If you think you can abuse the weak. If you think you can endanger people unlike you or even the ones the same. If you think you can get away with whatever you want and no one will dare to stand up to you. Then think again and look out, because we are here, and we will do everything we can to set you straight or put and end to your wickedness.

Now, this is my last post for the year. I want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas, and have a happy New Years! Not only is Santa watching, but also so are we.

Tags: abuse, Christmas, evil, ghosts, murder, New Years, poltergeists, responsibility, Sarah Jayne, team.

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December 8, 2012
Teaming and Training

I'm sorry that I'm a day late. I just hope that you don't also feel that I'm a dollar short. It was a hectic and tiring week.

I accepted the terms of the Protectorate after they accepted my terms. I will now head up a team for them. The team is mine, as I intended with one notable addition. They said we needed someone to clean up after us if we have to use our gifts in front of the public and Jack Tourmaline is too engaged doing something at the time or can't do it for other reasons. Such a Cleaner is generally someone who can alter people's minds and memories, and yet is sensitive and trustworthy enough not to abuse their gift. To that end we--my Protectorate liaison and I--convinced Myron Nath to work with us. Myron agreed if I could keep his work to the minimum after the fact. By that he means he doesn't want to affect people in any kind of physical confrontation and to do the least we can do to alter their perceptions of events. He is really uncomfortable with altering people's minds. As you might remember he prefers to work with out of control psychic constructs such a Klavier, and what you would have called poltergeists before you knew the truth about how that phenomena works.

Our team consists of myself, Sarah, Melvin, Jack, Myron, and a woman I'll call Jenny Brumal for her safety. Sometimes it seems like the gifted have a single sphere of influence. He's an empath. She's a pyrokinetic. He sees the future. She controls minds. This isn't always the case. Many have a smattering of gifts. Sometimes they are very complimentary, other times very separated. Jenny Brumal is gifted with a sense of identity and location for the owners of objects. She can even see past events witnessed in the presence of the object. To a degree she can sense what is going on at a distant location, though as yet she is not a skilled as Madam Sarcova, and perhaps never will clearly view such places. Then here comes the disparate gift. Jenny can lower the temperature of the air and of objects.

Okay, I think I've thrown enough info at you today. I will be back next week, and then I'm going to take a couple weekends off for the holiday season.

Tags: empathy (psychic), Jack Tourmaline, Klavier, Madam Sarcova, Melvin Klein, Myron Nath, The Protectorate, psychic, psychometry, pyrokinesis, remote viewing, Sarah Jayne, team.

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December 1, 2012
A Bigger Part?

I've been given an interesting proposition. Looking back on just a couple months ago it almost seems like a preposterous idea. The Protectorate asked me to join them. I know it's crazy, right? I ran off of my own to tackle the serial killer MyWayNow. Did they have my back? No. Was it exactly the thing that they are organized to do? Yes. Did they know the situation was unfolding? I have to guess so since they were all over Sandra and her murderous doll Klavier just on the strength of my blog posts. Or is that a failed bit of logic on my part?

I was in over my head with Klavier, and forced into the confrontation, but I still didn't shrink away from it. Things went helplessly out of control with MyWayNow, but I still went out there to stop the killing. Actually, did I? He threatened Sarah. Maybe that still counts. We could have stayed hidden. I doubt that he could find us as readily as the O.S.I.R. has. He wasn't armed with dozens of agents and hundreds of surveillance cameras. Speaking of the agents, I have gone toe to toe with them and here I still type.

I have to face it. Death and destruction follow in my wake. The least I can do is make it mean something. They obviously want me for hazardous work. There's not much call for disarming people and throwing things around from a distance in diplomacy. I mean sure if I was a negotiator or something it might be to my advantage to be my own best security.

I said I would think about it. I gave them something to think about too. I'd only do it if my team could join. It seemed odd to roll the word team off of my tongue, but now that I've done it it feels right. I'll keep you up to date on the decision process.

Tags: agents, Klavier, MyWayNow, O.S.I.R., The Protectorate, Sandra Delcan, Sarah Jayne, team.

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