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November 24, 2012
Thanks Against Danger

After a long quiet period Grant Sekibo's O.S.I.R. agents got onto our trail again. They didn't get too far though, now that Sarah and I are not alone. We saw them coming, figuratively speaking, and gave them the dodge before they really got going. I should say, however, that to expect such luck, when being chased by them, as we have might get you dead. Yes, I suppose there is a strong dose of skill and organization, but I feel bad about thinking that is all that has kept us alive and safe.

Tomorrow will be one year since the O.S.I.R. attacked me outside of my house and they have dogged me ever since. It seems like it has been a lifetime since then. I know where I would be with Sarah on that fateful day last year. Dead. What I don't know is where I would be without her since. She has loved me, kept me together when I might have blown apart, and been my best reason to never give up or give in. This Thanksgiving Sarah is what I have most been thankful for. I love you, Sarah.

I hope everyone else had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe and see you next week.

Tags: Grant Sekibo, OSIR, love, O.S.I.R., Sarah Jayne, Thanksgiving.

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November 17, 2012
Partial Media Explanations

I want to tell you about a gifted friend of mine. For safety sake let's call him Jack Tourmaline. Jack is an Illusionist, but not in the sense that you are likely thinking about. Certainly he could work in the entertainment industry, but people working with him would soon be tipped off by the lack of trickery involved. It must be easy to imagine that a gifted person could make another person think they saw something that was not really there. Is it just as easy to imagine that one could make something actually appear? Something recordable on video? Well start thinking hard, because it can be done, and Jack does it.

Here's a scenario for you. It's late at a night. A security guard is making his rounds. His partner sitting at reception is watching the monitor screens. He sees his buddy making the rounds. The patroller exits a room and the watcher is about to look away when a figure materializes in the now empty room. The watcher radios the patroller who turns around and rushes back into the room just in time to see the figure disappear into a wall. Is the place haunted? Did they see a ghost? Nope. It's someone like Jack at work.

I bring this up now because of a video creating a lot of buzz this week. You know the one I mean immediately if you've seen it. The ghost at the gas station that walks around the gas pump, approaches the car, swings its arm, and then gets into the car without opening the door. I'm sure a lot of people have written it off as the usual movie magic. Being a compressed video online from an unknown source makes it impossible to look for tell tale marks of the superimposing of the man into the scene because the quality is degraded. The big question is why make this happen? Well certainly it's more authentic because other people in the video, presumably real ones, react to the freaky goings-on. I suspect the actual motive is the same as for someone who fakes a ghost video with software.

I don't want to be upsetting, and I hope this hasn't disturbed anyone, but even seeing isn't believing all of the time. As you can imagine this goes a lot farther than one of the gifted making someone see something that isn't there, a something that can't be verified by anyone else. I guess that has its own impact now that I think about it. Either way it is best if these gifts are in the right hands that won't abuse them.

Tags: evidence, ghosts, illusion, Jack Tourmaline, news, perception, psychic, video.

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November 10, 2012
Hail to the Chief

If you haven't been living under a rock or in deep hiding then you know that the Mericrats are back in power for another four years with the first term of President Mark Quentin. I didn't expect it would be any different. That is about all I have to say on the matter. In fact I came down sick again. It's hit me in the stomach this time, so this is about all I will say today. I'm going to have to get a flu shot once I feel better again.

Tags: election, government, illness, Mericratic Party.

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November 3, 2012
Learning and Teaching As We Go

Sarah and I have been practicing a new aptitude. I found out that I can feel other people's emotions when Sarah uses her gift and I am sympathetic to her. It's an interesting sensation. It's also very weird to feel your own emotions second hand. It's kind of like when your foot goes to sleep and you're just starting to get feeling back into it, but the feeling is distant. You feel like you're foot is several inches off of the floor on a cushion of air and it might fall off of it at any moment, but of course your foot is firmly planted if you look at it. It's different than when I have sympathy with someone else's hand. That's more like a tingle if it's a light contact, or my hand feels like their hand and does what theirs does if I go deep.

There is also something else we've been practicing. I reach out to an object and see auras through it. Then I reach out to Sarah and she can see what I see through the object. She can then feel people's emotions from the object. I can either feel and see what she is feeling and seeing or I can let it go on under my notice, just like I can see with my eyes while the object sees auras, when I want, without having to stop and then awaken the gift again. It's sort of like if you had a TV screen and a book and look at one and the other goes out of focus. This can all go on without splitting my attention. Of course I might miss things going on in one area while I'm concerned with another, and it likely makes me less attentive overall. If I were to split my attention then I can be equally attentive to both--I found I can do that instead of being spaced out like when I let some of the attention roam on its own. Sarah and I will have to practice her using an object without my direct attention.

In the interest of education there is one other thing I wanted to mention. I wasn't sure if I should do it, but Sarah assured me it was okay, since we are trying to teach the gifted what we learn while exploring our gifts. While exploring each other I can tune into the sensations that Sarah is feeling. It's really quite something. It would be nice if could then let her feel it--sort of double up--but it doesn't work that way. I'm the one who can double up. Now I don't know what else to say, or that I would we comfortable with saying. A gentleman never tells and all that.

Tags: aptitude, aura, education, empathy (psychic), learning, psychic, Sarah Jayne, sensation, sex, split focus, sympathy (psychic).

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