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October 27, 2012
Hard Working Halloween Man

This week was hard and long, but only in the conventional sense. There's probably something I should talk about, but I'm going to let it go for another week. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween. See you next time.


Tags: Halloween, peace.

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October 20, 2012
Death Decision 2012

I don't know that I have much to say about the election coming up so very soon. The Mericratic Party will win, and why shouldn't they? They are the best choice as usual if you are normal and beneath their notice. They work on a system of merit and that puts the right people in the right places and helps them resist the corruption that otherwise goes on, because they diligently analyze and scrutinize everything. They catch the trouble people and deal with them right. I'd still vote for them if I weren't under attack from the O.S.I.R. and incapable of entering a polling station safely.

Even when one of the other two parties gets into office the O.S.I.R. runs as normal, just with an added layer of secrecy for projects like me. Again, why shouldn't they? To remind you they normally deal with scientific kinds of terrorism, dangerous and illegal testing, and work as the muscle for the E.P.A. and C.D.C. Those agents do good and needed work. Meanwhile the capture and execution just carries on no matter who is in power.

Would outing them help? Not really. We don't want it known that there are head exploding, mind controlling, bet on a certain future psychics. We don't want the psychic witch-hunt kicking into overdrive like it would if it all came public. No, the status quo is actually best for everyone overall. What we need to do is protect the gifted, thwart the capture squads at all turns, and make sure that we police ourselves to keep from becoming the monsters they would surely paint us all as.

So go ahead and follow your conscience when you vote this year. Do what is best for you and yours, and don't let my experiences sway you unless you absolutely feel you must. You have to do what is right for the most people, and isn't that what it really should be all about?

Tags: C.D.C., election, E.P.A., expose, government, Mericratic Party, O.S.I.R., police, psychic.

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October 13, 2012
Sick Day Surprise

I'll keep it brief today. I came down with a terrible cold. I've been swapping between a stuffy and a runny nose, sometimes by the minute. I've been sneezing under both conditions. My throat is rough and I cough sporadically. It's not the best time for concentrating.

If it didn't concern me, in the leery sense, it might be almost funny. Right, I didn't tell you yet. I let out a mighty sneeze at one point and an empty chair hurtled across the room and broke on the wall. I've caught other objects on the move when I cough. They kind of jump a bit, and some of them fell over suddenly as if knocked, rather than lifted and dropped.

Although I don't need the further lack of wherewithal of mind I set aside part of my attention into a book as an anchor with the sincere wish that it keep things from getting broken. Another flying chair stopped in midair, and a shoe stopped short of hitting Sarah in the back.

If I weren't behind the curve on control of my gifts this wouldn't be an issue, thought I'm sure it must be a serious consideration for gifted children, and their parents. I'm going to go get some more sleep and try and beat this cold into submission.

Tags: concentration, illness, psychic, psychokinesis, Sarah Jayne.

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October 6, 2012
A Less Farfetched Punishment

This is Josh. I'm here to address the negative feedback that flooded in via email since last week's post. I have to come clean on the behalf of other people since they are my responsibility. I represent my little group of psychics that I am a part of now. We are five strong, with a provisional sixth member. Back on target, we are better than the O.S.I.R. and their Mericratic masters. We have to be for everyone's sake. John Jensen has NOT been surgically altered. John Jensen is not in jail for his own disappearance. Jensen was found Tuesday this week.

The man in custody is in trouble for knowing O.S.I.R. secrets from a leaked series of documents found to be online since July. He has admitted to faking being Jensen and I'm sure they're going to try to stick it to him for that. However, we expect due to the spectacle he can cause, and the lawyer that he has retained, that he will not remain in jail for long. My thanks go out to him, even though, or perhaps because, I had no knowledge of this plan that Melvin and Trevor Mann hatched, and if I could have, I would have vetoed it. This is especially true given the next part that I have to tell you.

Hierophant1100011 will not be bothering anyone. Reports that were forwarded to us from some friends indicate that he has an adverse reaction every time he tries to use a piece of electronic or computer equipment. He starts screaming about the room or area being on fire and genuinely seems to believe it to be true. It seems he even begins to run a slight fever, and I'd chalk it up to panic but he has an elevated pulse and blood pressure at this time. I don't know if they will ever cure him of this delusion or not, and cruel as it sounds I don't care if he does get over it.

This isn't really about Hierophant1100011 hacking our site. His job position with the O.S.I.R was Chief Solution Architect. That means he was the one directly responsible for gathering data that makes it possible to find, track, and capture psychics. His software and know-how made it so that every day they get closer and closer to finding more of us, and we die all the faster. I doubt it will put much a dent in their work, but anything we can do to strike at their core is good.

Tags: hackers, Hierophant1100011, John Jensen, Melvin Klein, Mericratic Party, O.S.I.R., psychic, punishment, Trevor Mann.

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