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October 20, 2012
Death Decision 2012

I don't know that I have much to say about the election coming up so very soon. The Mericratic Party will win, and why shouldn't they? They are the best choice as usual if you are normal and beneath their notice. They work on a system of merit and that puts the right people in the right places and helps them resist the corruption that otherwise goes on, because they diligently analyze and scrutinize everything. They catch the trouble people and deal with them right. I'd still vote for them if I weren't under attack from the O.S.I.R. and incapable of entering a polling station safely.

Even when one of the other two parties gets into office the O.S.I.R. runs as normal, just with an added layer of secrecy for projects like me. Again, why shouldn't they? To remind you they normally deal with scientific kinds of terrorism, dangerous and illegal testing, and work as the muscle for the E.P.A. and C.D.C. Those agents do good and needed work. Meanwhile the capture and execution just carries on no matter who is in power.

Would outing them help? Not really. We don't want it known that there are head exploding, mind controlling, bet on a certain future psychics. We don't want the psychic witch-hunt kicking into overdrive like it would if it all came public. No, the status quo is actually best for everyone overall. What we need to do is protect the gifted, thwart the capture squads at all turns, and make sure that we police ourselves to keep from becoming the monsters they would surely paint us all as.

So go ahead and follow your conscience when you vote this year. Do what is best for you and yours, and don't let my experiences sway you unless you absolutely feel you must. You have to do what is right for the most people, and isn't that what it really should be all about?

Tags: C.D.C., election, E.P.A., expose, government, Mericratic Party, O.S.I.R., police, psychic.

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