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January 28, 2012
Return From Silence

Yes, there is a drastic change to the site from the visuals, to the name. No you are not on the wrong site, or lost... though lost may be just what you are. I know I was. That was very melodramatic so I have decided it's best to recap and then tell you about what has happened with me since last time I posted. If you believe what I have to tell you about me, both already and in the time I was not on here, then it should be easy to believe what I must tell you about facets of our society. This is bogging down. If you believe that I am a psychic (easy to do if you believe the haunting events I suffered through) then I hope you will believe what I have to tell about our government, and the way that it works. Let me ease you into it.

Okay here goes from the beginning of the story. I had what I thought was a ghost. Small things where in different places than I put them. There were noises in the night. Something pulled my curtains down. It followed me to work and to my girlfriend's apartment. Sadly it molested her and ultimately broke us up. It also cost me my job. Then agents of our government came to investigate the events, but that was not what they really wanted. Instead they wanted to take me away. They knew what I did not. There was no ghost. It was all because my out of control psychic powers. Yes, I can move objects without using my hands. I look at them and will them to move and they do. It is called telekinesis or psychokinesis. What happened that I had called a haunting was recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK)--you may have to look it up.

When those agents came for me they tried to scoop up Ms. Jayne as well. I attacked them. I sent them sprawling, and I hurt their team leader seriously. They've been chasing us ever since. I'll take some time to tell you about the chase and about what I have learned about this agency and the wider movement that they are a part of. It may seem outlandish at first, but can you feel that way if I can throw a ball without touching it? Please stick with me; it will be worth your while.

I'm going to leave you to ponder what I've said and next week I'll start to fill you in. I have one security note to tell you before I go. Ms. Jayne... Sarah, she tells me there is no point in keeping her name to ourselves since our pursuers know everything they need to about her and about me. Sarah and I are keeping on the move still. There may be times I cannot post for a week. Consider this site safe to read though. If you are here reading this then all of the tracking that might show up in your browser cache to show you were here has been obfuscated or muddled up. Feel free to leave a comment; as long as you do not use your real name you cannot be traced. I cannot explain how this has been done, but I am told it is very thorough. Until next time...

P.S. Security was my top priority so please excuse any minor visual glitches or bad links. For the safety of my old friend I am working with someone new to do the technical parts of this site. We'll catch up soon on everything that isn't quite right. Thanks.

Tags: government, haunted, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Karen C., O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, psychic, psychokinesis, RSPK, security.

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