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September 24, 2011
The Sun Shines Through


The lack of haunting phenomena continued. Tim and the WPIS have declared my house clean of disturbances. Tim said there are sometimes isolated incidents after a haunting breaks, like aftershocks following an earthquake, but I haven't had anything to report all week. You might remember there were none the week before either. I also said I didn't think I'd ever had such a long lull before, and I certainly have not had one this long now since it started. I feel really relieved now.

I went out with Karen a couple nights this week. She let me stay over again and nothing unnatural happened there either. I think it's finally over. The WPIS may be sorry it's over already since they only witnessed so very little of it. I'm not sorry in the slightest. Times aren't the best as it is without that kind of added stress. Good riddance to bad happenings.

Now I'm left to wonder what to do here. I find I rather like blogging. The response has been good at Socialmabob too. Perhaps just a title change is in order. I'll have to think about. I'll get back to you next week.

Tags: haunted, Karen C., lulls, Tim, WPIS Team Leader, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service.

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September 17, 2011
In the Silence A Dream


Things have been quiet since I posted last time. It may just be a lull. I don't know if there has been one this long before, counting today. Maybe it's just the longest lull in a while since it ramped up. The team was here one night, but it was, pardon the expression, dead around here. Things at work have been okay. Nothing dire. No real improvement. I'm getting used to it. I can only hope that the boss is too. I had a weird dream this week though.

I guess it was Thursday morning, not just before I got up, but sometime before that. I was in the kitchen. Everything was a sea of gray. I could see the counters and cupboards, the table and chairs, everything on the table, but they were the same gray as the walls, and the floor and ceiling. The objects though appeared as outlines of white radiating lines. The previous day's newspaper was on the table. I could see the edges of it, the folds and the separate pages, all as those lines of pale but easily visible light. I could not read the paper or see any of the pictures. Nothing had surface definition. I reached out to pick it up but I had no hand, nor an arm. There wasn't even an outline of one.

I tried to reach again and still no arm appeared. I could not touch the paper or my own body. I looked down and suffered a short burst of vertigo. I also know I looked down because the room shifted in my peripheral vision. I did not have a body. I did see the outline of a part of a cylinder as if I was that cylinder. I tried to shout, or something, and that was when I woke up. I was half trying to shout and my mouth was barely working. I was building up try by try to a scream. I have to admit that sound really scared me. Luckily by time I got my mouth working I stopped trying to scream. So, that's my week's excitement.

Tags: cycles, dream, escalation, lulls, scream, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service.

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September 10, 2011
Night Investigations Finally


"Tuesday September 6, 2011 Team Leader Tim and the Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service (WPIS) spent the night alone inside of the house of one Joshua Rhoads of Wisconsin, exact location withheld. Equipment was set up as per usual and the investigation began in earnest. All seemed normal and calm until 10:33 p.m. when the first disturbance occurred."

I imagine that is what Tim's report looked like for that night. Let me tell you what he told me happened. They were doing their usual checks of the equipment and deciding on the best places for some of the last of their measuring devices. Some of the team was doing an initial sweep with an EMF detector. That is electromagnetic fields, though he said it stands for something else similar too, that I've forgotten. Tim said they do not know if a ghost creates such a field or just messes with them. Those detectors were used to look for natural causes to disprove a haunting in the first place. It's all kind of confusing, but I guess that's the nature of the business.

It was one of those people wandering around that witnessed the first event a little too firsthand. He was investigating the office. I don't know what it is about that room. He wasn't speaking or anything. The EVP sessions were scheduled for later. For lack of a better word the ghost attacked him. He was lifted up by the shoulders. He had no sense of being grabbed, but all the rest of his weight hung from his shoulders, or so it felt. He stayed aloft for a moment and then was unceremoniously dumped to the floor. He also just missed banging his head on the corner of the desk.

It was only later after detailing what didn't happen that night that Tim told me the man had been snooping through the file drawer that I guess I'd forgotten to close. I told him I didn't mind what they looked at, but I was kind of annoyed, and I guess the ghost more so.

Wednesday they saw little things moved around, but only caught one or two of them in the act--though not on video. Thursday was the night I was there--I did stay at a cheap motel the other two nights. Tim asked me to do all of the speaking to the ghost. We started asking for a sign. There wasn't one. We asked for a message on the voice recorder. There wasn't one--they came up equally empty the previous two nights. Tim told me to try and aggravate the ghost. I called it stupid, and useless, and mean. I demanded to know why it wouldn't leave me alone. Why it wrecked my curtain rod. Why it touched my girlfriend when it wasn't busy getting me in trouble with her. Why it almost got me fired. Of course I got no answer, but I got a strange look from even Tim over the last two. Then I calmed down a bit and I asked why it saved my grandfather's watch from the burglar. We heard a rattling from upstairs and went to investigate. In the back of my closet I pulled out a lockbox of mementos. After I said that's what it was Tim said he thought that meant the ghost thought the watch was important to me, and that's why it protected it.

Nothing else happened after that despite our best efforts. Yesterday and today have been quiet with no sign of even the smallest item being moved. I wonder if I cowed it into silence. I wonder if I'll never see its handiwork again.

Tags: aggravation, EMF, EVP, ghosts, investigators, parapsychology, Tim, WPIS Team Leader, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service.

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September 3, 2011
Mixed Bag Momentum


There is finally going to be some headway in the paranormal investigation of my haunting. Tim said that he and the team want the run of my house for Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and then Thursday night they want me there. I'm not exactly sure how much activity they will have when I'm gone, but it's obvious now that it could be at least some. It certainly doesn't mind doing stuff during the day while I'm at work. There may be a slight bit of a snag or I'll have to do something strange like stay at a hotel.

Karen and I had another fight. It started innocently enough with a bit of naughtiness. I bet you're scratching your head over that one. We were in her kitchenette. I forget what I was doing, but I had my back to her when she let out a giggle and said, "Frisky, aren't you?"

I quickly turned around and managed to beat her turning around. I must be getting good at acting because I managed to coyly ask what she meant. She told me, "Stroke me like that again."

I don't know if I blushed; I don't know if I'm a blusher. I stepped up to her and said maybe she should show me what she liked. She took my hand and pulled it around her to her... I'd better not get too detailed. Anyway, I shouldn't say much about what happened next either. Just like before, trouble came the next morning. There was a bunch of little stuff moved to different places. She accused me of not keeping my paws off of things that I had no right touching. She was also mad why I would put them different places and not even try to cover my tracks. All I could do was apologize, profusely, and when that wasn't enough she told me I shouldn't stay over until I could learn better manners. So, now I don't think that I can stay over while Tim and the crew are in my house.

Oh, I did get some good news this past week, although even it was a little touch and go for a while. I found my grandfather's watch. It was in a pair of socks. The thief had thrown them on the floor but missed hearing the watch, or it was padded better than I thought. It's not been harmed or anything. This means I have something to thank my poltergeist for--I don't keep watches in bundled socks. Or maybe I should blame it for scaring me. I doubt the watch was what the thief was after, though certainly it was the easiest thing of value to steal that I have.

Here's where it could have went south. I called the detective that came out to the robbery about it. He thanked me for the information. A couple hours later, he showed up at the house wanting to know about the insurance claim I had filed on the stolen watch. I can only imagine the amount of insurance fraud that goes on, but I hadn't filed a claim. I don't know what the watch is worth money-wise. Its value was as a family heirloom. Money can't replace that. After a couple days he called me and said everything checked out. I don't know how many insurance companies he called to determine that. I'm just glad I have the watch still.

Tags: accusations, crime, heirloom, insurance, Karen C., parapsychology, police, poltergeists, relationships, Tim, WPIS Team Leader.

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