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September 17, 2011
In the Silence A Dream


Things have been quiet since I posted last time. It may just be a lull. I don't know if there has been one this long before, counting today. Maybe it's just the longest lull in a while since it ramped up. The team was here one night, but it was, pardon the expression, dead around here. Things at work have been okay. Nothing dire. No real improvement. I'm getting used to it. I can only hope that the boss is too. I had a weird dream this week though.

I guess it was Thursday morning, not just before I got up, but sometime before that. I was in the kitchen. Everything was a sea of gray. I could see the counters and cupboards, the table and chairs, everything on the table, but they were the same gray as the walls, and the floor and ceiling. The objects though appeared as outlines of white radiating lines. The previous day's newspaper was on the table. I could see the edges of it, the folds and the separate pages, all as those lines of pale but easily visible light. I could not read the paper or see any of the pictures. Nothing had surface definition. I reached out to pick it up but I had no hand, nor an arm. There wasn't even an outline of one.

I tried to reach again and still no arm appeared. I could not touch the paper or my own body. I looked down and suffered a short burst of vertigo. I also know I looked down because the room shifted in my peripheral vision. I did not have a body. I did see the outline of a part of a cylinder as if I was that cylinder. I tried to shout, or something, and that was when I woke up. I was half trying to shout and my mouth was barely working. I was building up try by try to a scream. I have to admit that sound really scared me. Luckily by time I got my mouth working I stopped trying to scream. So, that's my week's excitement.

Tags: cycles, dream, escalation, lulls, scream, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service.

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