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August 27, 2011
No Good Even as a Guard Dog


The poltergeist locked me out of the house again Thursday, or so I thought. I was trying to get in, and I was talking to it like it could hear me and would actually listen. When I started pounding on the door I could hear something. I stopped abruptly and the knocking continued, but muffled, like it was at the back door. I had just started around the side of the house when I heard the crash of breaking glass. I came around the corner and saw one of the kitchen chairs lying broken next to the fence. A man in black with a black ski mask over his face came out of the window. I shouted and he dropped down to the ground and took off toward the back yard. I stared in disbelief for a moment and then made to go after him.

I tripped over my own feet, though I have my suspicion that I had some ghostly help. I let whomever it was go. I called 911 on my cell and when I reported a robbery and gave the address the operator thanked me, and said that police where on their way already because I wasn't the first to call them about it. Then the operator hung up on me. I looked around. It didn't look like any of the neighbours were around. I waited for the police. When they came I had to unlock the door to let them in the front.

It took a while for the police and the forensics people to do their work. They weren't sure how the burglar got in. It seemed to me though that something had kept him from just escaping out the back door. I certainly didn't let on what I was thinking, and I told them I heard the burglar when I was trying to open the cranky front door that gives me trouble all of the time. They tried the lock with my key and they did have trouble getting it open. The house looked like the burglar had been searching for something and didn't find it. I guess I interrupted him. He did make off with my good watch, though. It was my grandfather's. The police don't hold out much luck that I'll get it back. Stupid ghost should have stopped him better.

Tags: crime, family, ghosts, heirloom, interruption, locks, police, protection, thieves.

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August 20, 2011
Annual Fair Faux Pas


Karen and I went out to the street fair earlier today. We're off somewhere else in just a little bit, so I have to get to the point. I've been out to that fair for as long as I can remember. My parents took me every year after I was old enough to behave myself. This year was kind of disappointing and it had nothing to do with the food or the games or any of the usual stuff like that. Let me preface this by saying that I do vote Mericratic. This year parts of the fair were very political in feel. I don't think it was the doing of the vendors and staff. I do not think it was appropriate.

If you want to invite me out to a party rally, or show up in support of some important bill, or a meet and greet or whatever (but not a protest I donít want anything to do with those, they always go wrong) then I'll consider it if I have time or the issue speaks to me. As I said though, I don't think it was right to politicize at a local street fair, least of all one as old as this. I won't get into the issues that seemed to be buzzing there. This isnít about that. I'm sure a lot of people were turned off by it, and that can only hurt things. It's a fair, not something to exclude or divide people. Okay, that's Karen on Z-Phone so it's time to go.

Tags: division, festival, inappropriate, issues, Karen C., Mericratic Party, politics, Z-Phone.

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August 13, 2011
Fix Fails and Propositions


I've done a lot of thinking since last I was here telling you about that worst week ever. I'm cursed. That has to be it. It had always been in the back of my mind that I could just sell the house and get rid of the ghost. I mean, I don't want to leave my home, but it's a moot point now that I know it's me. Karen and I went out a couple nights later in the week, but I returned home afterward. She didn't bring up her clothes drawers and neither did I. I guess now is a bad time to consider my avoiding the issue of staying over again was not the best of ideas. Not talking about it was likely just as damaging.

I don't know what is up with my poltergeist, but it was quiet all week. It was kind of unexpected as I thought it had a few more days of kick in it, based on previous cycles. I don't know how it works that some man dies and then just hangs around moving stuff about, let alone how he then hitches a ride around town with me.

Here's something that's, I don't know, somewhat humorous. Not the right word, but it's not odd or even unexpected in thinking about it afterward. A man in a medium-blue shade, almost silky, suit approached me outside of my house. The suit had a nice, I want to say sort of prismatic sheen, but it was only qualities of blue. He had a crisp white shirt, a matching to the suit blue tie, and the most perfectly shined black shoes I have ever seen. He looked perfectly at ease in the suit unlike some, or maybe a lot of people. He said his name was Myron and he knew Tim from WPIS and told me something to prove it. Myron said that he never worked with psychics so he couldn't really comment on what had happened, but he was particularly interested in the change that I had blogged about. He asked if I was interested in a different approach. I said I'd have to consider it. Myron didn't seem to be put out. He left me his card.

I will check his credentials or what have you. He was friendly, soft but well spoken, and aware of what I've been going through. As much as I like Tim and can't fault his approach prior to the psychic, I may just have to switch. If Tim and his science types would come back it wouldn't be an issue. I've left him several messages, but they must have moved on to other cases, or something.

Tags: credentials, cycles, Karen C., Myron Nath, parapsychology, poltergeists, psychic, relationships, science, Tim, WPIS Team Leader.

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August 6, 2011
Out to Get Me


This has to have been the worst week that I have ever had. It started on Tuesday at work. A client was in and being very frustrating. I tried to keep a lid on it, but at one point I just lost it. I started yelling and then the next thing I knew my coffee mug had gone through the window shattering it and scaring the crap out of both of us. There is no way I did it, but the proximity and the heat of moment sure made it seem I did. I managed to get off with just a reprimand in my file after a lengthy dressing down by the boss, a lot of fast-talking, and the exorbitant bill for the window to be replaced.

Wednesday I got home from work and I was late for a dinner date with Karen already. I unlocked the front door to the house and it was immediately locked when I pulled the key back out. I unlocked it again and it was locked on me a second time as soon as I tried to turn the knob with the key still in it. This went on for a couple more tries. I even banged on the door. Finally I sat down on the steps and waited. After a few minutes I heard the door unlock itself. As if that all wasn't aggravating enough, when I got inside the house was a mess. It looked like a small tornado had spun through. It was worst in the office. I ended up cancelling my date with Karen by saying I didn't feel well.

Last night I went out with Karen and spent the night at her place. In the morning she accused me of going through her drawers and wanted to know what I had been looking for. I was half asleep and told her I hadn't. I then had to come up with something and of course I couldn't. I still don't know what to say, and I left shortly after she fell silent because I saw something moving behind her while she berated me. I tried calling, but she wouldnít answer any of my messages. I can't imagine what she is thinking about me now. This stupid poltergeist is ruining my life.

Tags: aggravation, berating, business, escalation, frustration, Karen C., poltergeists, relationships.

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