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August 6, 2011
Out to Get Me


This has to have been the worst week that I have ever had. It started on Tuesday at work. A client was in and being very frustrating. I tried to keep a lid on it, but at one point I just lost it. I started yelling and then the next thing I knew my coffee mug had gone through the window shattering it and scaring the crap out of both of us. There is no way I did it, but the proximity and the heat of moment sure made it seem I did. I managed to get off with just a reprimand in my file after a lengthy dressing down by the boss, a lot of fast-talking, and the exorbitant bill for the window to be replaced.

Wednesday I got home from work and I was late for a dinner date with Karen already. I unlocked the front door to the house and it was immediately locked when I pulled the key back out. I unlocked it again and it was locked on me a second time as soon as I tried to turn the knob with the key still in it. This went on for a couple more tries. I even banged on the door. Finally I sat down on the steps and waited. After a few minutes I heard the door unlock itself. As if that all wasn't aggravating enough, when I got inside the house was a mess. It looked like a small tornado had spun through. It was worst in the office. I ended up cancelling my date with Karen by saying I didn't feel well.

Last night I went out with Karen and spent the night at her place. In the morning she accused me of going through her drawers and wanted to know what I had been looking for. I was half asleep and told her I hadn't. I then had to come up with something and of course I couldn't. I still don't know what to say, and I left shortly after she fell silent because I saw something moving behind her while she berated me. I tried calling, but she wouldn’t answer any of my messages. I can't imagine what she is thinking about me now. This stupid poltergeist is ruining my life.

Tags: aggravation, berating, business, escalation, frustration, Karen C., poltergeists, relationships.

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