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August 13, 2011
Fix Fails and Propositions


I've done a lot of thinking since last I was here telling you about that worst week ever. I'm cursed. That has to be it. It had always been in the back of my mind that I could just sell the house and get rid of the ghost. I mean, I don't want to leave my home, but it's a moot point now that I know it's me. Karen and I went out a couple nights later in the week, but I returned home afterward. She didn't bring up her clothes drawers and neither did I. I guess now is a bad time to consider my avoiding the issue of staying over again was not the best of ideas. Not talking about it was likely just as damaging.

I don't know what is up with my poltergeist, but it was quiet all week. It was kind of unexpected as I thought it had a few more days of kick in it, based on previous cycles. I don't know how it works that some man dies and then just hangs around moving stuff about, let alone how he then hitches a ride around town with me.

Here's something that's, I don't know, somewhat humorous. Not the right word, but it's not odd or even unexpected in thinking about it afterward. A man in a medium-blue shade, almost silky, suit approached me outside of my house. The suit had a nice, I want to say sort of prismatic sheen, but it was only qualities of blue. He had a crisp white shirt, a matching to the suit blue tie, and the most perfectly shined black shoes I have ever seen. He looked perfectly at ease in the suit unlike some, or maybe a lot of people. He said his name was Myron and he knew Tim from WPIS and told me something to prove it. Myron said that he never worked with psychics so he couldn't really comment on what had happened, but he was particularly interested in the change that I had blogged about. He asked if I was interested in a different approach. I said I'd have to consider it. Myron didn't seem to be put out. He left me his card.

I will check his credentials or what have you. He was friendly, soft but well spoken, and aware of what I've been going through. As much as I like Tim and can't fault his approach prior to the psychic, I may just have to switch. If Tim and his science types would come back it wouldn't be an issue. I've left him several messages, but they must have moved on to other cases, or something.

Tags: credentials, cycles, Karen C., Myron Nath, parapsychology, poltergeists, psychic, relationships, science, Tim, WPIS Team Leader.

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