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July 9, 2011
Enter the Parapsychologists


I received a very quick turn around from the paranormal investigators that I contacted. FYI, they're called the Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service. They found a little bit more about the house than I did. There were at least two deaths in the house. Both of them were of natural causes. There was a man that had a heart attack and was pronounced dead upon the arrival of the paramedics. At least I guess they called them paramedics back in the 40s. The other was actually only a couple owners back from me. An elderly lady passed away in her sleep right in my bedroom. That's more than a little creepy. Any way, neither seems like the right kind of deaths (what a morbid idea that is, right deaths versus wrong deaths) to produce a haunting. Maybe the man had something undone or whatever. I don't know, and I guess the investigators research didn't pull up anything like that. How does something like that end up reported though?

It gave me real pause about the woman who died in my bedroom. I'm sure some people would never set foot in that room again let alone never sleep there. I figures, it's not like I'm sleeping in the same bed. I bought my own. Really though, how many places are there you can sleep where someone hasn't died in there or at least close proximity. Not many old pre-existing homes I'd bet. The lead investigator, Tim, informed me that a lot of people used to die at home, especially back when doctors made house calls and not many people ever saw the inside of a hospital while alive. I'm terrible when it comes to history like that. I don't when hospitals became common or when things were invented like air conditioning.

It was on Thursday that Tim and his team came by to tell me about what they had discovered. They also wanted to take a bunch or readings. They hauled in equipment, apparently just the tip of the iceberg, and looked at temperatures, magnetic fields, and other stuff I won't pretend to understand, yet. They seemed satisfied that that night at least everything was normal and there no red flags thus far to eliminate the possibility of a haunting. Like I needed to know that. They were also not disappointed.

In the dining room one of them noticed a painting hanging askew. She set it straight and carried on whatever she was doing. When she looked at it again it was tilted back the way it had been. She called us all into the room. She set it straight and as we watched it moved crooked in one quick and sharp movement. She straightened it again. This time it spun around 360 degrees then launched off of the wall. I managed to catch it. I rather like that painting. I don't think the ghost liked being tested. Needless to say the investigation will continue on.

Tags: death, gadget, haunted, history, hospital, investigators, paranormal, parapsychology, psychokinesis, Tim, WPIS Team Leader, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service.

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