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July 30, 2011
Across the Desert Spare


I spoke with Tim the parapsychologist again, and again he said that he and the team would return. I don't know anymore if it matters. See, I had gotten the feeling the ghost was mollified for a while after slapping the psychic around, but then something happened...

I spent the day and night at Karen's on Thursday. I had called in sick to work. I almost was. The stress is still massive and the slide continues. In case you were wondering Karen had the day off due to construction at her work place. I brought in lunch from the Chinese restaurant local to her apartment. While we were eating, and yes I used chopsticks, I saw a mug on her counter slide from the back to the front very suddenly and then slowly push its lip off of the edge more and more. I don't know what made me look just before it started moving, but I did.

I faked a bit of a choking fit. I had been sitting on a stool around the corner of the breakfast bar. I stood up and shifted the short distance to the counter and pushed the mug back with my wrist. Karen asked if I was okay and after a couple more coughs that were no longer exactly fake I nodded. I told her the old standby that a bit of noodle went down the wrong pipe.

Looking back I suppose I should have felt a sharp twinge of fear when I saw the mug move like that, but instead I only felt my heart sink. So much for my house being haunted. It must be me. I must be haunted.

Tags: business, fear, haunted, Karen C., parapsychology, psychokinesis, sickness, Tim, WPIS Team Leader.

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