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July 23, 2011
A Skeptical Ghost


It's been over a week since the parapsychologists from WPIS were at the house. They didn't come back this past week, but Tim said they would be back. I'll be a little surprised if they do after what happened. I'll also admit that I was skeptical of using a psychic medium. If it wasn't for the rational approach the investigators came in with I might have balked at the idea. I must say that Tim lends credence to the idea. He told me that any psychic worth their salt will refuse to become involved in a haunting case until a host of rational explanations have been exhausted, or there is something just so inexplicable that it being faked is unlikely. It sounds a little arrogant of them, but I think it makes sense.

They came on Wednesday night because I knew that I didn't have to do anything other than work at my desk on Thursday. The psychic was a woman named... on second thought I'll withhold her name. She took a tour around the house with Tim and I, none of us speaking. Then she returned to the upstairs hallway. She didn't stop at my room but outside of the other one that I use for an office. She said she sensed the spirit of a child. Tim didn't come up with anything about children, but I held my tongue. The psychic began to talk to this ghost child. She asked if it could give us a sign that it was aware of us. The hall was silent and nothing moved.

The psychic asked in harsher tones for some kind of sign. She got it. There was a loud snapping sound like you'd hear in a wet towel fight. Turns out it was a slap. The psychic had a large almost circular red welt on her face like she'd been hit with a plate. Tim asked her if she was okay, then asked if she was certain they were dealing with a child. He pointed out what he found in his research. She told him it was absolutely a child. The ghost slapped her again, on the other side of her face. She dropped to her knees asking why the little girl was so angry.

This time the psychic was thrown down the hallway past me. Seems she came up just short of the wall and then fell on her backside. We stared in disbelief. She looked terrible, hair down in front of her face, bright red slap marks visible behind the strands. Tim told me, I thought a little loudly, that this was the first they had used this psychic, but her references had been good. She insisted she was accurate and her head snapped back hitting the wall. I don't think Tim was very happy at all. He went and helped her to her feet. He told her to hold her tongue because the ghost was escalating. They had passed me when she made some remark about the ghost. There was another loud slap and she jerked to the right like she'd been hit on the ass.

Now I have to wait for Tim to decide when to come back, and I guess, what to do. I'll keep you informed.

Tags: escalation, ghosts, history, mediums, psychic, psychokinesis, research, scepticism, Tim, WPIS Team Leader, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service.

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