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July 2, 2011
Haunting Help Contacted


Last Saturday night went fine. Karen let me stay overnight. I don't think she suspected anything, and really how would anyone know that I was avoiding my house because I couldn't handle the haunting there any more and had to get out if only for a night. I don't think Karen is reading my blog, and I hope that remains the case. I've been keeping it on the need to know. Luckily you're on the list for need to know. I haven't even talked about my house at all with her. She probably thinks I have an apartment. She likely expects itís a bachelor disaster area. I guess sometime sooner than later she'll want to come over.

I returned to the house Sunday and managed a quiet night. There have been the usual times over the week where objects are in different places. I have not seen anything moving, so it's keeping it too itself again. This is going to sound, I don't know, counterintuitive or an about face, but I hope there is some visible activity. I got in touch with a paranormal investigation group. They said it's not like on the TV shows. I don't know what those are like. Maybe I should find out. They are going to look into the history of the house and neighborhood before they get back to me. That seems sensible to me. I guess they probably get a lot of crackpots. Not to mention all of that forewarned is forearmed stuff. Maybe they'll find out something I didn't.

Back to the phenomena, I want these investigators to see and hear something first hand. Except for the torn curtain brackets I suppose there is no physical proof. It's all just my word. Now I wished I'd have kept those brackets. I suppose they still wouldn't be very good proof anyway. I'll keep you all informed of what happens next with the investigation.

Have a great 4th, everybody!

Tags: crackpots, evidence, haunted, history, investigators, Karen C., parapsychology, psychokinesis, relationships, research.

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