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July 16, 2011
Kitchen Shenanigans


The psychic medium came along with the paranormal investigators this week, but I don't think I'm quite ready to talk about it.

I need to find some kind of lighter side to what is going on. There was one kind of funny moment a while ago before I told you about the haunting. It was maybe even before I started this blog. It was one of the rare times I spotted an object hovering in mid-air. It stopped moving a split second after I spotted it, just hanging over the kitchen table. I sidled up to it slowly and it held its position. I almost felt like I was trying to close in on a small wild animal and that it might dart away at any moment. I got right up to it and it didnít bolt.

I was right next to it and well within armís length. I passed my hand over top of it and it didnít move. There obviously wasnít a wire or anything like that. I waved my arm slowly to one side of. I switched to the other side. There were no invisible arms or the like. I even circled the table and tried behind it. I was afraid to take my eyes off of it so I didnít. I must have blinked, but maybe I didnít. I canít say how long I took. I wasnít moving very fast, but I also didnít want to take too long. There was nothing there either.

I moved back around to the front of the table. I started to pass my hand under it. My hand was directly under it when whatever was holding it aloft let it go. I donít know which made me jump more, the sudden drop or when I fumbled in catching it and it sent salt flying up through the air in an arc in front of my face. Yes. It was the saltshaker I caught floating about.

Okay, retelling that did make me feel better. Iíll feel even better when I go pick up Karen.

Tags: evidence, funny story, haunted, investigators, Karen C., parapsychology, psychic, psychokinesis.

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