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June 25, 2011
A Frightening Turn


There were noises in the closet last night. If my haunting situation started out like that I'd have been out of the house so fast. I mean like, yikes. If the boogeyman was real, that's serious stuff; noises in the closet. My hair stood on end! I don't know how many times I've stared bug-eyed at something moving, or jumped when I heard a noise, or nearly fell out of bed--or actually did--but I think this is the first time my hair stood on end. I went down and slept on the couch the rest of the night. Nothing has happened since the noises, but I can't get rid of that sense of the creeps.

I have to get out of here. At least for the night. Karen and I are going out tonight. Things have been getting serious. I think they are anyway. I'll tell her I want to stay over the night in her apartment. It's kind of reached the point where I might under normal circumstances anyway. This is not the best of reasons for our first overnight, but I just can't stand the thought of staying here tonight. I don't know why she would be against it. I also don't know what I will do if she wants me to leave like I usually do. Wish me luck.

Tags: boogeyman, closets, creepy, haunted, Karen C., reasons, relationships, scared.

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June 18, 2011
Is This Thing On?


The ghost seems to have worn himself out again. I've been reading up on things again and I came across something called E.V.P. It's short for Electronic Voice Phenomena. Basically you run a tape recorder and ask the spirit questions. When you play back the recording you hear the ghost answering. It doesn't seem to matter if you use an old tape recorder or a new digital recorder. Either way the answers or comments or whatever is on the ghost's mind is there in the static. It's usually faint and a lot of the time it's hard to figure out what exactly they are saying.

That's the rub about this E.V.P. People hear what they want to hear sometimes. Beyond that even if it's clear to everyone what is said it doesn't always make sense. At least some of the time it makes sense later on in light of some other evidence about the life or death of the exact dead person on the recording. It seems really hard to figure out whom that someone is, especially if there are poor records, or if you don't even know where to start.

I have a digital audio recorder in my MP3 player so I decided to have an E.V.P. session. I figured it was better with my ghost having little energy to move things around or wrap on things to answer questions. That's a seriously scary thought and I don't think I will be doing that any time soon--deliberate moving objects that is. That's not clearly expressed, but you get the gist. Anyway. I asked the obvious questions like who was there, what did they want. Now, those questions never seem to get answered, or so I gathered looking into it further after. I felt a bit sillier yet after learning that, than I did talking to different empty rooms in my house.

Now here's the kicker. I turned the volume up. I download the files onto my laptop and looked at the waveforms like you see on countless TV shows. There are no answers. There is nothing but static. There are no odd noises. There are no voices. I don't know what to think. Maybe the ghost is too tired to do whatever it has to do to make the E.V.P. work. I just don't know.

Tags: answers, EVP, ghosts, MP3, questions, recording, TV, voices, waveforms.

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June 11, 2011
Rise and Despair


On Wednesday I was victim of a rude awakening at 5 a.m. when the curtains fell down. Actually they didn't just fall down. They were torn down. The metal brackets holding the rod were twisted until the metal sheared right in half. It must have happened all at once. The rod made a terrible crash. I half jumped out of bed and toppled to the floor banging my head on the parquet (that's the type or style of flooring in the bedroom). The sun hadn't even risen yet, though I suppose it was close. I had been in the throes of a nightmare, but I immediately couldn't recall what it had been about. I have to guess that the rapid hammering of my heart was more to do with the crash and the fall, but I cannot say for certain.

I wish it had picked a different night to do that... you know, since the ghost obviously felt the need to do it any way. I'd been awake until after 1 a.m. working, prepping, and yes, I'll admit it, worrying about a big meeting at work in the morning. I don't sleep well with lights on, so the downed curtains didn't instil me with any confidence for sleep. I left the curtains on the floor, left the alarm clock on, and went down to the living room couch and tried to get another hour's sleep. I set an alarm on my phone too in case I didn't hear the alarm clock all the way upstairs. Didn't matter any way. I rolled back and forth on the couch for several minutes before I gave in and got up. I felt like you know what all day. The meeting was a train wreck, or maybe I should more accurately say that's what my work efforts look like. This is the worst quarter in the history of worst quarters. I'll be lucky if I don't get a pink slip soon. Dark Rhoads indeed...

Tags: alarm clock, business, crisis, failure, ghosts, nightmares, psychokinesis, sleep, worry.

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June 4, 2011
Traipsing Around


I didn't get much sleep the last three nights. Footsteps made their way back and forth down the hall outside of my bedroom all night. This is the first I've heard any of the manifestations. The objects that move on their own so far land gently, at least unless I interrupt them. Then sometimes whatever it is drops the item, even if all I did was look at it too long. The moving items go just slow enough that they don't make any noise either. It's that silent fast pace that's maybe the eeriest thing of all. It's kind of funny... you know, if you can find any kind of humour in such an unnatural, disturbing disruption.

Back to the footsteps... They sounded like one man with heavy work boots. If so he was striding purposefully down the hall. He would go one way and then it would be quiet for a while. Then I'd start nodding off and he would come back the other way. I'm not entirely sure what woke me up in the first place on the first night. Since then I will find that I'm awake and he's walking outside my room. Or I will be dreaming about something and there will be footsteps nearby and then I realise I'm no longer dreaming and he's at it again.

I burst out into the hall when they were going by last night, finally, and there was no one there. The steps stopped suddenly, practically right in front of me. I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack my heart was beating so fast. I ran back to bed, and I didn't hear them again until an hour later.

I really don't need this right now. I told you about that bit of a coup I had at work. Well it didn't last long. I can't really say what, but something else didn't turn out so great, and I'm a bit leery that it is just the beginning. It's starting to feel like I'm looking at dominoes and they might start tipping over one after the other, but if I can get another one on top of two and then another two, then it will start forming into a structure and it will stabilize. I hope.

Tags: business, eerie, ghosts, manifestation, phantom footsteps, psychokinesis, sleep.

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