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May 28, 2011
Lulls and Expectations


That work thing I mentioned turned out great. The news just came in on Friday. Itís not one of those moments where like in a cartoon they dance around singing, ďWeíre in the money!Ē It is a nice feather in my cap though. Itís hopefully just the start of a nice long upward trend.

Itís been quiet in the house. Sometime itís like that. Things will happen often, escalate a bit and then itís like itís get worn out. It needs to rest. It regains strength to get back to what it was doing. I have to admit; Iím just coming to realizations like this as I stop to write about them. Some of the ideas come out when I research it too. More often than not, what I learn is a little different than what I find in my research. I guess itís to be expected. I blame it on the people writing the articles rather than the people that have it happening to them. Itís the analysis that seems off.

I don't like to go off on it and be like so many others, but a lot of this stuff seems pretty ego driven. People are pushing their agenda, whatever it is, and they do it in stark contrast, if not directly opposed to the facts that they are presenting as part of their argument. I just don't get it.

Tags: analysis, business, energy, escalation, haunted, idea, parapsychology, research.

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May 21, 2011
A Knight's Return


It was quite the week at work. I think it was all for good, but it's one of those times you don't quite know until some time after. We'll see.

Disruptions suck. I don't know if you were on one of the affected servers, but our cadre couldn't meet all week in Tomb Knights (that's my massive multi-player online game of choice if you're not a gamer geek like me) because of an outage. Some hacker looking for a payday was extorting Sigma5 (if you're not familiar they're called Sigmas not Sigma-Five) for money and holding their Midwest server farm hostage. No one knows if they capitulated or rooted out the virus, or what. I certainly never heard anything about the hacker being caught.

I was just glad to get back on. I haven't had as much time lately, but I still like to get on and kill some stuff in a raid. You know what they say about gamers... Well, maybe I'd better specify. You may not be aware of it, but businesses and such are cluing into the value of hiring gamers (yeah, yeah that includes the D&Ders and the like), especially the MMO players, and it's because we can work as effective teams, the common goal is the important thing. There's something to be said about our determination too. We're obviously driven to achieve what we want even in the face of grinding (that's the boring stuff you do over and over again to get more money and experience points in the game). Any way I'm just glad it's over.

See you next week.

Tags: AD&D, business, gamers, hackers, hiring, role-playing games, Sigma5, Tomb Knights.

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May 14, 2011
I'll Fly Away


I was on Lookered checking videos from different sites. There are a lot of videos professing to be real cases of telekinesis. I don't believe a one of them. It's not just that they're almost universally bad. When you've seen the real thing, it looks real. It's a natural movement. You can't duplicate it with wires.

Almost by accident I ran across a video someone posted on Gabbl. There was a woman out jogging on some nature trail, or so she said in the comments. She stopped when she spotted a deer. That's when the video started. After a little bit, something spooked the deer. The woman lowered the camera like you might do to turn it off. She said something unintelligible and then whipped the camera around to the left. It's kind of far away, but in a bit of a clearing there is a man with two kids, a boy and a girl. The girl is about four feet in the air. Not in a tree. Not on a stump, or a hill, or whatever. She's hovering.

It looked just like those videos of the astronauts, or on the Vomit Comet. As the woman with the camera got closer the boy turned and saw her. He let out a shout and the girl dropped down to the ground and the three of them ran away. The camera woman started after them but lost them when she tripped. She had the presence of mind to go back to where they had been. No wires or cranes, or whatever, not that I would have thought that anyway. As I said, some things just look real.

Tags: astronaut, Gabbl, hoax, Lookered, psychokinesis, reality, video, Vomit Comet.

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May 7, 2011
Why I Am Blogging


Karen is great. We spent a lot of time together this past week. She's an administrative assistant. Suddenly I don't know what to say. I mean, what's the etiquette? Anyway, she's smart, funny, and she laughed at one of my worst jokes. We were at Prozzly's on Wednesday night. I have to admit I checked Gabbl to make sure the guys wouldn't be there. I don't know at what point I'll inflict them on her, but I certainly wasn't up for it yet. We had a good time. Karen kicked my butt at darts. I'll claim she distracted me, threw me off my game with her presence, if you call me on it. I had a bit much to drink. I think she did too. I can't help but think that's good. It wasn't tense or anything before, but you know, there's that point when you both relax, so I call it a good step forward.

All right (it's funny how the spell check does that), it's time to tell you the big secret. Let me start by saying it's not a big secret, and some people consider it par for the course. Now it's here I find that I'm kind of embarrassed, but I guess that's the point. My house is haunted. I'll wait for the laughing to end. I like to think of myself as a rational, modern kind of guy. There is only so much that can happen, only so many excuses or involved explanations, before you have to conclude you're living in a haunted house. Yes, I Lookered the 'involved explanations' bit.

I'm not going to be one of those people who post that I have a ghost and not really say anything else about it even when asked. So here goes...

It started that I thought I was getting forgetful. I couldn't find my keys sometimes. I thought I set something down to my right and I'd find it on the left. I hear that's typical. It's also ignorable. However, I've seen a few objects in the act. It's quite eerie to see them lift up and sail gracefully across the room.

I couldn't find anything online where anyone had said they'd seen objects in mid-flight. Maybe someone will drop a comment about their experience seeing a ghost caught in the act.

Tags: Gabbl, ghosts, involved explanations, Karen C., Lookered, Prozzly's.

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