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May 21, 2011
A Knight's Return


It was quite the week at work. I think it was all for good, but it's one of those times you don't quite know until some time after. We'll see.

Disruptions suck. I don't know if you were on one of the affected servers, but our cadre couldn't meet all week in Tomb Knights (that's my massive multi-player online game of choice if you're not a gamer geek like me) because of an outage. Some hacker looking for a payday was extorting Sigma5 (if you're not familiar they're called Sigmas not Sigma-Five) for money and holding their Midwest server farm hostage. No one knows if they capitulated or rooted out the virus, or what. I certainly never heard anything about the hacker being caught.

I was just glad to get back on. I haven't had as much time lately, but I still like to get on and kill some stuff in a raid. You know what they say about gamers... Well, maybe I'd better specify. You may not be aware of it, but businesses and such are cluing into the value of hiring gamers (yeah, yeah that includes the D&Ders and the like), especially the MMO players, and it's because we can work as effective teams, the common goal is the important thing. There's something to be said about our determination too. We're obviously driven to achieve what we want even in the face of grinding (that's the boring stuff you do over and over again to get more money and experience points in the game). Any way I'm just glad it's over.

See you next week.

Tags: AD&D, business, gamers, hackers, hiring, role-playing games, Sigma5, Tomb Knights.

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