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November 5, 2011
A Feeling of Progress


I had my meeting that Tim was going to set up for me. It turned out it was with the man in the memorable blue suit. He wasn't wearing the suit this time. Instead he was wearing just a grey suit. It was a nice suit, don't get me wrong, but it didn't stand out like that almost shimmery one. He also wasn't alone. His name is Myron Nath. His assistant he called Jane accompanied him. She was breathtaking. She had long black hair that just shone, and the most striking green eyes I have ever seen. I could hardly pull my eyes away from hers. I have the oddest sensation still that I had seen her before, but if I had, how could I have forgotten? She was... well, I guess that's beside the point. Let me get back on track.

Myron, he insisted I call him that, was really warm and friendly. We talked for a good few minutes before getting to the point. like we'd known each other for some time. It didn't feel odd or like a tactic. He's just a really likable guy. Wish we'd met under better circumstances. Jane didn't say much up to this point, but she didn't look bored or disengaged and I kept my eyes from wandering, especially with that beautiful, strawberry sweater she was wearing. I told Myron everything that Mr. Peterson told me, including that harrowing tale of that other haunting that I told you last week. I told him about the emotional weather part and then I let him talk.

Myron confirmed everything that Mr. Peterson said. He was aware of the case and agreed with the assessment. He said that such entities are like psychic sponges that draw power from the people they come into contact with and the environment that they are in. Many of them are attracted to negative emotion, and by their very nature perpetuate it. In the worst cases they actively try to make things worse. Those ones are the most aware of what is happening around them and how best to escalate an already bad situation. Based on what he knew about my haunting from Tim and this blog Myron hazarded an initial guess that I do not have such an entity. Everything with me sounds reactionary and inadvertent. There are a few indications of a little more intelligence, such as the burglar. One question he didn't have an answer for was where did I first catch the attention of this thing, let alone where it came from in the first place. Myron said he'd help try and deal with it. I hope that he can.

Tags: cycles, emotion, entities, haunted, intelligence, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Myron Nath, Mr. Peterson, OSIR, progress, Tim, WPIS Team Leader.

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