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November 12, 2011
Questions, Comfort, and Foreboding


There was some kind of issue with the tags on my blog last week. I had my friend Ned dig into the guts of the site to try to find out what it was. He couldn't. I ended up emailing tech support and they sorted it out as you can see if you scroll down. They didn't tell me what the problem was. I guess it doesn't matter as long as it stays fixed.

Myronís assistant Jane returned early this week. Turns out her name is Ms. Jayne. I already blew her anonymity so Iíll keep to Ms. Jayne here, even though she told me her first name. She came to run through a questionnaire. The questions are not what you might normally call intimate, but yet they sort of are. I thought it might be tense, even with all Iíve shared with complete strangers through these investigations, and perhaps especially in this case talking to such a beautiful woman, alone in my house. However, Ms. Jayne was very kind and patient. I'd even go so far as to say that she maybe even made it easier. She was easy to talk to and knew what to ask to follow up on what Myron needed the questions to answer.

On a less pleasant note I think I should start seriously looking for a new job. This week was abysmal and the tension was really high. I could hardly keep anything in one place on my desk. I tried to keep people away from it. Based on talking with Myron and Ms. Jayne I also kept a tight lid on my emotions and tried as hard as I could to keep positive. I was a little more lax at home to start with and there was a lot of activity. One particularly bad night the dish drainer full of dishes hurtled across the kitchen and broke all of the plates. This is the first time anything has been purposefully broken. It certain scared me really bad. I called Myron but he was out. I talked to Ms. Jayne and she came over right away. The ghost quieted down significantly while she was here and it didn't escalate much when she went home quite a while later. I saw that she wasn't as unnerved by the objects sliding around on their own or changing positions as the WPIS people were the first time they witnessed the really blatant disturbances. She's a very impressive woman.

Tags: business, escalation, haunted, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Myron Nath, psychokinesis, questions, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Service.

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