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October 15, 2011
A Fresh Incident


I don't know why I couldn't tell Karen the truth. I still haven't. What I also didn't tell you was how I felt like the floor had dropped out from beneath me. How my stomach knotted up. How I closed my eyes tight and winced almost like a pain shot through my head except I didn't feel any physical pain. A deep sense of dread filled me and I swear I was almost as scared as when I heard the noises in the closet in the middle of the night. It was just as well that Karen insisted I stay with her. She didn't want to be alone in the apartment.

I think if she wasn't eager for work to get away from the place that we might not have gone out of the apartment at all. I was there all week except for work, and good thing too. All of my sick days are gone, including the half-pay ones. All of my holidays are used. I have to show up or else.

It was about the middle of the week when I came back to Karen's place from work and she almost leapt into my arms. She burst into tears and told me about something that happened just before I got there. She thought it was okay to go in before I had shown up. Karen had gone in, taken off her jacket and kicked off her shoes. She was crossing the living room when she was spun around by the arm and flung back onto the couch. Something pressed on her neck in spots making her turn her head one way and then the other.

Karen told me she screamed, but it wouldn't stop. It wasn't hard pressing, but it was slow and insistent. She shouted for it to leave her alone and tried to get up. The pressing stopped and then everything shot out of the entertainment center. I don't know how the TV survived falling on the GC and the accessories. The motion capture device was the only thing broken by the TV falling on it.

When Karen was almost over crying she broke out worse again and told me, "I am so sorry, Josh. I've been blaming you for snooping, and touching things you shouldn't."

She almost squeezed the breath out of me she was hugging me so hard. I donít know why this event made her think of that. Doesn't matter I guess. Now I don't think I can tell her the truth. Can it get any worse?

Tags: business, frightening, GC, haunted, Karen C., knock-off, poltergeists, TV.

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