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July 7, 2011

Bitcoin: inside the encrypted, peer-to-peer digital currency
  • Last time essentially looked at a virtual nation. What is a virtual nation without virtual currency? Bitcoin can do that. (Yes there are Facebook credits, but they are more like prepaid cards or PayPal.) This article is a good overview, but doesn't get into the interesting aspects that much. The whole grey market, shadow world is a key to interesting use of this in your fiction. The currencies dovetail nicely into the worlds of dark webs and sprawling counter-cultures struggling under the heels of oppressive corporate driven regimes. Things need not be so dystopian though. It works just as well for vital but frowned upon or disavowed black book operations as easily it does criminal enterprise. The mining aspect of Ditcoins presents its own opportunities the least of which is the likelihood of botnets being harnessed to mine new coins. Finally the coding, updating to the system (Bitcoin web essentially), and details like that work nicely with concepts like Universal Credits in settings such as Rifts® from Palladium Books®.
  • Tags: Bitcoin, botnets, counter-culture, crime, currency, cyber-crime, cyberpunk, dark web, dystopian, government, hackers, Palladium Books, PayPal, Rifts.

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