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March 31, 2011

Darpa Looks To Build Real Life C3PO
  • The title is a bit misleading. The project is to make a translator/protocol droid without the actual droid--just the programming and attending linguistic skills. The idea is that the program will flag keywords in multiple languages in audio that is less than ideal for other programs, or in other words more like real conversations in real--therefore noisy--locations; one would guess out of multiple conversations at once, which should be well within C3PO's capabilities. There should be the usual trickle down effect to bring this to the civilian market later, without the spying bit. There are translation programs out there, but the required efficiency and skill of this one should outstrip those efforts. Then of course there are the matters of protocol, as in political protocol, customs and decorum, and the like, that only play the most marginal role in DARPA's plans.
  • Tags: civilian, communication, DARPA, military, software, translation (language).

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