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September 2, 2010

Beyond City Limits
  • This is a look at the potential of massive cities or metropolises including social, economic, and political. It speaks of how this is the future. There are links to projects, some of which are in the works for green cities and other kinds that are in surprising places (at this point in history anyway). It covers the wealth gap between the cities and the country side, the way the cities exert influence on and against the governments under which they were created. There are matters of efficiency, connectivity (both technological such as wired and wireless infrastructure, and cultural--spiritual as well depending on the society), and security. Cities align into groups such as alliances and federations to even greater influence harkening back to "trading and military powerhouse of the late Middle Ages, the Hanseatic League along the Baltic Sea." These groups can wield powers separate from their home nations removing the meanings of state and national lines, have private police forces in sections or even overall. They even "send delegates en masse to conferences and fairs where they can attract foreign investment." {Ref#13 - HFK/Th}
  • Tags: cities, connections, economics, future, government, history, influence, markets, police, security, society, technology.

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