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April 08, 2010

E3 2009 - Project Natal - Milo Demo with Peter Molyneux 720p HD 5:43 5:43
  • Project Natal (introduced last time--see below) as with many things has to be a mix of hardware and software. Here is a software example that relies on--but at the same time amazes on its own--the hardware as a part of what makes it immersiveness. It seems simple enough, and the point of it easy to overlook because of the specific nature of the demo. This demo could be representative of something educational. It could be expanded in many directions as an entertainment product with myriads of content types. Such software applications with other visual projection methods have been a sci-fi staple as personal assistants that invariably become confidants because of the ability they have to appear empathetic and the trust they engender because while they can be hacked they never willing betray a confidence and they don't judge.
  • Tags: application, cyber-agents, demonstration, digital assistant, education, hardware, software, trust.

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