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January 2010.

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January 28, 2010

3) Audeo Lets You Talk or Control Wheelchair With Your Thoughts
  • This is the answer to a number of problem issues. It related to 1) below and is another avenue of thought to be followed. It answers one of the questions I had about private communication in the future as well as other issues such as future interfaces. It has application in man-machine interfaces whether gadgetry, vehicles, or cybernetics, as well as a powerful impact on voice recognition without actually requiring the voice, which solves the problem of how do you interact with audio or video while still working with voice recognition. {Ref#10 - HFK}
  • Tags: answers, band (HFK), communication, cybernetics, future, gadget, man-machine interface, problem.

  • 2) I-Swarm Micro Robots are Up and Running
    • These tiny robots are pretty exciting but not enough is said about the swarm programming and functionality, except of course the juicy tidbit about light pulses to instruct large numbers of the swarm's members. Collaboration is the key, but such tiny limited software machines will require a larger more powerful processor with a broad view of the project to delegate functions. Whenever nanotechnology and replication come up the threat of grey goo comes up, which can only be furthered by quality hive behaviour, but hindered by the overview processor.
  • Tags: collaboration, disaster, functionality, future, hive mind, nanotechnology, robotics, software.

  • 1) Microsoft Researchers Developing Muscle-Based PC Interface (w/ Video)
    • Muscle controlled computer systems honestly aren't that exciting any more. If a system with a camera or two can recognise gestures then this idea is already obsolete. What's interesting about this avenue of research is in the field of cybernetics and prosthetics. Similarly it could be interesting for telemetric control of robots and other human-machine representatives and surrogates. There though it again falls behind the possibilities of picking up the required signals from the brain. Still, this could be useful in an intermediate time period/setting between these methods of control.
  • Tags: control, cybernetics, gesture computing, man-machine interface, possibilities, representative, research, robotics, Surrogates (movie).

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