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September 03, 2009

3) Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens (via IEEE)
also Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens (via Vizworld)
  • This could one of the holy grails of augmented reality, at least on the back end, the hardware end. It carries a little more privacy than glasses as the display technology, and a lot more than projector based systems, holographic or not. This is wild stuff. Beyond the whole heads up display capabilities there are also biometric sensor possible. The immediacy and ease of use of a display system like this could be the foothold needed for ubiquitous computing.
  • Tags: advancement, augmented reality, future, hardware, HUD, nanotechnology, privacy, sensors, technology, ubiquitous computing.

  • 2) How China's '50 Cent Army' Could Wreck Web 2.0
    • Leave it to China to figure out how to mobilise a massive propaganda effort online. Whether it is a terrible challenge or potential blow to Web 2.0 remains to be seen but the potential is there. What happens when any group loyal to any idea sets it mind to influence the system? It doesn't have to be sinister, but it would have to be counter to the normal rules of popular determination, otherwise popular determination is all it would be and that would be indicative of the will of the people or consumer base. This sort of spectre looms over the stock market as well. There is lot of potential here for conflict and shading or flavour to settings and plots.
  • Tags: Internet, loyalty, markets, misinformation, politics, popular determination, propaganda, social capital, social engineering, social network.

  • 1) Hubble: Monitoring Internet Reachability in Real-Time
    also Where are the net's dark corners?
    • That packets fail and requests don't always get an answer, the bits lost somewhere in transit, is not surprising. Physical failures or software causes don't matter, but the idea that these spots of incommunication reach a level worth comparing to a black hole is interesting. Even if it's horribly expansive hyperbole to compare these failing spot to the gargantuan super powerful space phenomena, consider the implications if it was a figuratively precise comparison.
  • Tags: affect, communication, implications, infrastructure, Internet, software, websites.

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