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September 24, 2009

3) Nanotechnology: Scientists create miniature machine parts from DNA
  • This is the stuff tech-dreams--and some tech-nightmares--begin with. Functional machines built at the nano-scale level have been a staple of sci-fi for a long time. That such an advancement may finally see the light of day is nothing but exhilarating. There has been some doubt thus far and there are still hurdles to be overcome. From the writer's standpoint the real thing coming to fruition brings much greater verisimilitude, and can bring in ideas that haven't been thought of yet for fiction based on properties and qualities not imagined but discovered in the practical applications.
  • Tags: advancement, application, DNA, nanotechnology, pieces, research, technology, verisimilitude.

  • 2) Viral Video Hoax, or Proof of Impending Cyber Apocalypse?
    • Taking Space Invaders from a television screen to the side of a building, controlling the lights, is a proposition that frightens cyber security people and paints the aforementioned apocalypse. Is it that much of a big deal? It can certainly be made into one. Even though this video is supposed to be faked, and though it would be a harmless prank, the possibilities are still there. The smart home is a likely target in the small scale bringing to mind several possibilities. Scaling up leads to the fear evinced in the people cited in this article.
  • Tags: cyber-crime, fear, hackers, possibilities, security, simulation, smart home.

  • 1) When 'Mad Men' Meets Augmented Reality
    • This is an article about creating your own reality with augmented reality, knowing who to dislike based on the cyber sixth sense. This is a different kind of virtual reality than previously envisioned. Imagine substituting Coke for Pepsi, CSI for Grey's Anatomy. The darker side could involve bigots replacing the people they talk to, Neo-Nazi skinheads walking down streets suddenly filled with swastikas and pictures of Hitler. What effect will this have on people? On interactions between people, and society in general?
  • Tags: augmented reality, bias, cyber_sixth sense, filtering, optical recognition, politics, reality, society, virtual reality.

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