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August 06, 2009

3) Can internal 'brain music' be used in therapy?
  • This article preview is more than enough to whet the appetite for the project and the possible fruits of this research. That music affects emotion and therefore biology is rarely disputed. Music used to enhance performance is a common trope in fiction. Mixing this with bio-feedback ideas beyond aesthetic representations of the empowering qualities of sound opens up some interesting avenues.
  • Tags: allege, bio-chemical, brain, empower, neuroscience, productivity, research.

  • 2) Apparently We Can Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Eco-Friendly Biofuels Now
    • The green impact aside this is an important factor in the creation of power to deal with the growing power requirements of our equipment and technology. Given the abundance and assured continuation of such amounts of carbon dioxide this will be a great advancement indeed. Power sources and requirements have importance in detailing parts of the setting from specific city locations to overall national planning. Conflicts arising from disruption and market influencing are possible.
  • Tags: distribution, enable, energy, future, green, markets, science, technology.

  • 1) When a Virtual World Glitch Rocks Real World Parliament: The Power of Ripples
    • This is a case study about the effect of the virtual social world, bad media inattention, and outright falsity in the name of hype. How quickly it spins out of control is less interesting than the what if scenarios available generated by the fear mongering. Consider the possibilities if the hype were indeed true. What havoc can be created via this method in your fiction? Think political and even market/trading.
  • Tags: business, connotations, cyber-crime, damages, government, hackers, law, markets, virtual reality.

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