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May 2009.

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May 21, 2009

3) Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019 (montage + video)
  • This is a look at the year 2019 from the people at Microsoft. Be sure to check out the full video near the bottom. The newspaper is especially exciting and something that was briefly featured in my first novel. The virtual wallet is also nifty. The way in which these demonstrations showcase advancements upon current technologies is as exciting as what they represent. The big question remains of how the improvements will really work as far as the value they add over the small increases in ease and speed. More information is required on what some of these products actually are given how little there is to extrapolate on. This also connects up with the TED Sixth Sense article below.
  • Tags: advancement, augmented reality, demonstration, e-paper, future, productivity, software, technology.

  • 2) MIT Shock Absorbers Harness Speed Bump Energy For Better Fuel Economy
    • In addition to the titular energy gain there is mention of getting energy back from braking (from hydraulic generator or heat?). Temperature differentials between the engine of a vehicle and the surrounding air can be another source of energy regained and added to the system. A commenter suggests looking into harnessing wind energy as the car passes through the air, which is another good idea. Efficiency could never be better. Will it ever be possible to self-sustain, a sort of pseudo-perpetual motion device?
  • Tags: advancement, derivation, energy, future, green, sustainability, technology.

  • 1) TED: MIT Students Turn Internet Into a Sixth Human Sense
    • The demonstration videos are pretty impressive detailing a projection system and gesture recognition along with other programming bells and whistles that are semantic web-based. Together they allow for not only access anywhere in an essentially augmented reality system but also an automatic information stream that they of course compare to a sixth sense--not so much in the psychic sense, but a data sixth sense, senses being information streams of their own. The power of systems like this will come in not requiring products to have RFID but an intelligent system that recognises the items visually. People recognition and the privacy matters that entails also bear consideration. {Ref#9 - HFK}
  • Tags: augmented reality, cyber sixth sense, demonstration, dissemination, gesture computing, information, optical recognition, privacy, semantic web.

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