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March 2009.

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March 19, 2009

3) SXSW: Dead Space, a 'Deep Media' Case Study
  • The idea here ties in with the link below about ARGs. This one looks at the marketing aspect more than anything, but also covers the idea of sprawling, truly multimedia projects. That the line between marketing and product is blurring can only be a good thing as long as it stays a far cry from the dreaded obvious product placement.
  • Tags: gamers, influence, layers, markets, multimedia, project, synthesis, ubiquitous.

  • 2) Secret Websites, Coded Messages: The New World of Immersive Games
    • This is the kind of sprawling, deep, intriguing, set-up of a gamer's dreams. From there the article (at least partially) unwittingly turns in parts to a discussion about the hive-mind and the fanbase's ability to have the full set of the world's skills (or so it goes in theory). The alternate reality games (ARG) idea is not a new one, per se, though the working applications of the idea have been recent. Consider also the comparison to spy work and the use of encryption (in non-algorithmic senses).
  • Tags: alternate reality game, application, dissemination.php, encryption, gamers, hive mind, secrets, spies, understanding.

  • 1) Kevin Kelly: Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web video 19:34
    • This discussion from TED starts with an overview of the past 5,000 days of the World Wide Web (roughly its entire existence) and lays out a lot of numbers. It progresses into the next 5,000 days (13.69 years). It draws correlations between the net and the human brain, and biology in general. To look at the web's future automatically means it covers the semantic web and does so in great, easy to understand terms.
  • Tags: brain, cloud, device, ontology, optical recognition, pattern recognition, progress, semantic web, TED.

  • March 05, 2009

    3) World-Renowned Scientists Team With Google And NASA To Launch Singularity University
    also International Space University
    also Gundam cartoon academy to turn science fiction into reality in Japan with notes at TechStop™
    • The changes coming about in education, if only in limited fashion with experimental intent (experimental in that such formats could somehow not see wider implementation) are certainly cause for exhileration and a need to push for these as reforms. It's the intermingling and cross-discipline approach that is especially important at should be the forefront beyond on exposure to the most cutting edge technology and ideas. {Ref#5 - Oth}
  • Tags: concept, connections, dissemination, education, implementation, integrations, language, learning, singularity, synthesis.

  • 2) Mind-Reading Video Game From NeuroSky and Square Enix
    • This application of mental manipulation as an interface style brings a finer, and cooler point to the link below. Virtual reality trainers, especially for military applications will benefit hugely from technologies like this when it combines specific states of mind, like calm and in control with tense situations full of action and adrenaline.
  • Tags: arms race, brain, military, simulation, technology, training, virtual reality.

  • 1) Oddball Gadget: Mattel Mind Flex
    also Use Brainwaves to Control Your PC video 6:02
    • These sorts of games, or low-end commercial uses are always the percursor to such interesting developments. It starts with a game where you move a ball with your thoughts or direct action on a video screen and then next you know amputees have working limbs controlled the old fashioned way--by thought--and the military is making cyborgs. The computer uses bear serious thought about. If I might says so these kind of break throughs will make one of the vital elements in my cyberpunk horror novel come true, perhaps even in the timeframe I envisioned. {Ref#4 - HFK}
  • Tags: advancement, brain, cybernetics, man-machine interface, medicine, military, neuroscience.

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