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February 2009.

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February 19, 2009

3) Toward opal-based billboards?
  • Every step closer to a video screen on a sheet of material is a good one. Such things have appeared in science fiction shows for ages to varying degrees. The small panels from later Star Trek series are primitive in comparison considering Stargate (especially Atlantis) uses real off the shelf tablet hardware. This opal technology produces sheets that have colour changing properties. It ranges from the unaltered base colour of blue through all the colours back to red. Sounds like violet is missing since the visual spectrum runs from red to violet with blue being before violet. The easy mnemonic is ROYGBV (roy-guh-buv)--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, just like a rainbow.
  • Tags: advancement, e-paper, progress, technology.

  • 2) Amazon Remembers, a brilliant iPhone companion
    • Trouble remembering things is becoming less of an issue with the growth of several key forms of software. This link and the application that it details isn't about remembering exactly even though the title implies it, and it certainly could be applied that way. What this is also representative of is key to the growing collaboration between optical recognition, semantic web-like machine understanding, and the changes that will come about in how we learn and access/disseminate information.
  • Tags: application, collaboration, demonstration, dissemination, learning, memories, optical recognition, semantic web, software.

  • 1) Look Ma! A Drive-In Theatre for Ants!
    • This mini-projector is another one of those stepping stone devices that will lead the revolution. This revolution, this push to the next-gen is long overdue. The article seems unsure, but of course projectors like this are going to be a boon for both augmented reality, and some versions of HUD. These will be the first or the more economical kinds of HUDs. Why spend effort and money on special screens or fancy embedded electronics in glass (or similar) when you can put a tiny project in front of a windshield or the inside of a helmet. They would also be a boon in replacement whether for repair or for upgrades.
  • Tags: advancement, application, augmented reality, device, display, HUD, next-gen.

  • February 05, 2009

    3) Scientists Create First Memristor: Missing Fourth Electronic Circuit Element
    • This is pretty heady stuff, a new class of electronic component. The first thing that jumps off of the page is about analog computers. This immediately sounds like a misnomer but is immediately clarified by comparing such a thing to the human brain meaning these memristor's will be an important factor in neural networks, artificial intelligence, man machine interfaces, and a whole host of things that will push us toward the technological singularity. In the short term there are also the predicted benefits of smaller solid state hard drives, new types of memory, and instant on computers.
  • Tags: artificial intelligence, concept, fruition, man-machine interface, memory, neural network, prototype, research, rethink, science, singularity, technology.

  • 2) Nanotechnology-based smart yarn for soldiers
    • The idea of clothing that senses things and reacts accordingly is something that comes up in the crystal ball of many a forward looker. The practical application detailed in this link demonstrates that the first hard step is done, material that conducts electrical signals yet acts like normal clothing as far as wearing it, compared to other current projects. What is really interesting is not the ease of wear or the ability to light up an LED, but in the sensor capability presented by this blood detector. Other sensors yet may provide even more thrilling possibilities.
  • Tags: application, demonstration, future, military, nanotechnology, prototype, science, sensors, smart fabric, technology.

  • 1) 'Mind-reading' software could record your dreams
    • While not a new concept this is a good step forward in recording what the brain sees, and from there a host of other applications such as the titular recording of dreams. Of course it gets into the ethical conundrum of the misuses of this technology for advertising of all things. The ethical implications though should be much further spread. Call this another game changing technology.
  • Tags: abuse, demonstration, dream, ethics, future, information, innovation, optical recognition, science.

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