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December 10, 2009

3) Boston Dynamics Robots Tiptoe Toward Terminator
  • The most Terminator-like robot is the Petman and it is pretty impressive just like the also fairly creepy and impressively agile Big Dog (if you can find the test on ice and snow video). Little Dog actually seems a little less useful given other small robots out there with varied forms of locomotion, including the RiSE following it in this article.
  • Tags: Big Dog, Boston Dynamics, military, research, robotics, technology, Terminator.

  • 2) What's Next In Augmented Reality?
      The 'Adding Real-Time Information' video at the bottom is the most interesting of the bunch, with the others being important if not as exciting steps in the advancement of augmented reality and applications of it. The data handling and extrapolation are a nice touch. As well, concerns of privacy are handled by the virtualisation of traffic and pedestrians. The environmental conditions are also an added bonus.
  • Tags: advancement, application, augmented reality, data, privacy, real-time, weather.

  • 1) ChemBot: The Military’s Shape Shifting Robot Blob
    • This is pretty impressive for an early prototype in testing. The possibilities of this "jamming" process seem quite varied beyond those illustrated, and demonstrated in the video. The ability to navigate cramped and variable shaped spaces is particularly interesting. A good use for that might be rescue after an earthquake or other building collapse.
  • Tags: change, DARPA, demonstration, future, robotics, science, technology, variables.

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