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November 26, 2009

3) CFP Symposium: New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction (at AISB 2010)
  • This article is here more because of how it nicely details things rather than what it actually says. There is maybe some probative value to a writer, tech-head, etc, but really its kind of just a stepping stone. A symposium like this, and especially extrapolating on the demonstrations that could be a part of it make for a good setting and some nice possible minor plot options.
  • Tags: analysis, confluence, demonstration, design, education, interactions, knowledge, research, robotics.

  • 2) "Digi-novel" combines book, movie and website
    • Sometimes it's not about the technology or the research but about the content as is the case here. These things exist separately, but now they are coming together. The technology, the gadgets might be necessary to make it work, but these are hardly new things, again it about putting the items together in a new way, a way that is only going to grow in the future.
  • Tags: books, confluence, e-books, future, gadget, movies, publishing, software, websites.

  • 1) Urban Leader Tactical Response, Awareness & Visualization
    • This research program run down is quite interesting. Gesture computing, augmented views of the world, data packaging for best results. Lots of cool things rolled into one. It almost seems as if every day that goes by it must be coming closer and closer to fruition. The possibilities of such a set up are phenomenal for the military applications, but it will also trickle down past there to the consumer market where the possibilities just explode.
  • Tags: augmented reality, DARPA, dissemination, future, gesture computing, hardware, military, software.

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