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May 2008.

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May 14, 2008

3) LinkedIn: Dealing with the unwanted invitation
  • On the face of it determining whether or not to accept an invitation should be easy. The decision making process, and the politics involved are not easy though. This plays into if you have certain knowledge then there are questions about using that info, not using it, taking bits of it for use, or hiding it/covering it up, and in general deciding just which people should be privy to it.
  • Tags: analysis, communication, decision, dissemination, hidden, information, invitation, network, obfuscation, politics, privacy, social.

  • 2) Spiders and snakes in war--oh my!
    • There is a real menagerie of tools being looked at that will make the word 'menagerie' all the more fitting in describing the host of information sources available in the making of war (and beyond that handling criminal matters--the former, war no one really wants except as necessary, the latter, fighting crime, everyone wants). The 'Army of One' is really starting to form up and has little to do with the one solider insomuch as it has to do with the tools available to that soldier to boost his or her potential. See one company's vision of these robots and their use. video 1:56
  • Tags: analysis, crime, data, decision, defence, dissemination, empower, enable, network, rethink, robotics, sensors, war.

  • 1) Microsoft: Web at the center, not PC
    • This is a look at the future of computing in some ways, and a definite look at some of the ideas and thinking going into the Live Mesh software and services. The power of putting these things together and the flexibility that will result is useful not only in the framework that its being presented in this article but also in applying it to other systems, socially (maybe even including Hive Mind), militarily, and systematically (non-mechanical systems, again the aforementioned Hive Mind.) {Ref#3 - Th, Oth}
  • Tags: cloud, cyber-agents, dissemination, empower, hive mind, information, network, obscurity, psychology, sensors, singularity, social, symbiosis, synthesis.

  • May 07, 2008

    3) Robots that Smell
    • The application of robots with a sense of smell are pretty interesting. Some of the applications mentioned are not exactly new, such as narcotics and explosive detecting machines. The oft retreaded let's make smells to go with movies and games rears its head again, if only in hindsight. What is more interesting is the discourse about scent and memory, and the psychological impact that goes along with recreating memories and moods via scent.
  • Tags: application, artificial intelligence, detection, discourse, hindsight, memory, mood, neural network, psychology, sensors.

  • 2) Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail
    • The power of networking is strong. Having it backed up by real-time communication and the ability to move quicker with that goal is even better. Consider not only what this means, but what about the 'arms race' between preventing it and keeping it enabled.
  • Tags: arms race, communication, empower, enable, network, prevention, real-time, Twitter.

  • 1) Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back
    • Here is an interesting look at a large company picking on the wrong small company, one run by a former lawyer who will not back down and will force the alleging company to damage themselves in defending their frivolous claim if they proceed.
  • Tags: abuse, allege, capitulation, claim, copyright, damages, defence, frivolous, infringement, intimidation, law, power, scare tactic, trademark, verdict.

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