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April 2008.

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April 30, 2008

11) SOA and compute clouds point to rethinking data entirely
  • The cloud infrastructure is changing everything it seems, and data is the next thing to be transformed. More importantly this highly technical article talks about the fundamental shifts that are going on in the way information is gathered, put to use, and who owns or controls it. The division between the data that will have to be shared and that which must be kept kept internalised to businesses and people is a muddled mess unlikely to be untangled even though it needs to be.
  • Tags: aggregation, analysis, blogging, change, cloud, data, distribution, division, ecology, information, network, open, proprietary, social, social capital.

  • 10) The press becomes the press-sphere
    • This interesting look at the current change in the way that news is created and distributed brings up interesting questions about the nature of new and knowledge. The synthesis of data is also brought to mind as news is nothing but the most current information on what is going on, and is maybe more importantly the jumping board of learning about something now only new but now in the eye and the minds of the public. {Ref#2 - Th}
  • Tags: blogging, data, distribution, information, knowledge, learning, misinformation, news, propaganda, readers, reports, search, sorting, synthesis, tags, topics, writing.

  • 9) A Semantic view of the Wikipedia for Data idea
    • This is a look at the difficulties of gathering data from disparate sources in particular the legal minefield. What it also illustrates is the change that could be made, the progress, and the knowledge that could be gained from a freer distribution of data. It's hard to gauge what could be learned until it happens.
  • Tags: application, business model, data, distribution, innovation, knowledge, licence, rethink, search engine, semantic web, societal change, topics, wikipedia.

  • 8) Patent on "Long Tail" for automated content authorship. video 9:46
    • This article about a computer program that gathers data and writes books on a given subject gives a look at one of the advances that is very important to the creation of digital assistants even while it focuses on a system that writes educational books, helps teach languages, and looks albeit academically (or not) at creating fiction books and videos. {Ref#1 - CB: TGaSS}
  • Tags: animation, artificial intelligence, authoring, automation, cyber-agents, decision, digital assistant, education, future, language, software.

  • 7) Images: Eyephone explains where you are
    • This is a commercial (more mundane but still interesting) use of related technology to the article below. This time the use involves recognising images to pull up data on them. The applications of this are varied and spread across the legal (and non-legal) spectrum.
  • Tags: artificial intelligence, crime, digital media, facial recognition, learning, law, life blogging, location, technology, tracking, vlogging.

  • 6) Larry Magid: Google technology aids hunt for those who prey on kids
    • Technology brings one more way to track down people to the table. In the constant battle against crime more and more developments make it harder and harder to hide from the law. Now pictures and videos could be the downfall of a criminal, especially with the move toward exceedingly more coverage of the world.
  • Tags: anonymity, capture, crime, digital media, law, life blogging, location, obscurity, predator, technology, tracking, vlogging.

  • 5) Cashing in on your solar savings
    • This look at the politics of going green is a good illustration of the difficulties, nuances, and multi-directional pull of priorities and ideals at odds even when the point of discussion and the final results are on the side of a good thing and the different parties essentially agree on the overall picture, just not the details.
  • Tags: agreement, contrast, details, difficulties, disagreement, environment, green, ideals, nuance, politics, priorities, result, struggle.

  • 4) Threshold Cryptography
    • Not a lot of information directly here, and the lack of online sources are aggravating, but the idea itself is interesting. The requirement of signatories as well as broken and disseminated key fragments is something to explore, especially in Spies, Spooks, and Hackers™.
  • Tags: codes, cryptography, dissemination, encryption, fragments, hackers, intrigue, keys, mystery, pieces, privacy, signatures, spies.

  • 3) FOAF Spheres of Privacy
    • This builds upon the social aspect of the page below with implications in a political sense of both the government/bureaucratic kind and the politics of inter-personal relationships. It also leads in to the page above. Of note here is the nature of PGP encryption as it involves the possibility of introducing trusted people along the web of a network.
  • Tags: communities, connections, cryptography, encryption, friends, implications, interactions, politics, relationships, semantic web, social network, trust.

  • 2) The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project.
    • This is another implement and thus one of the building blocks of the emerging semantic web, which is likely to see several separate iterations before it becomes something more integrated, something yet to happen with non-semantic search. This is also related to the coding, impact, and connotations of current social networks. To better understand FOAF try this FAQ
  • Tags: communities, connections, connotations, friends, implications, integrations, interactions, relationships, search, semantic web, social network.

  • 1) Automatic Filtering of Online Stupidity
    • The implication that an algorithm or other mechanical derivation might limit the ability of people to express themselves sounds rather discriminatory at the minimum. At the same time the automation of filtering out gibberish sounds helpful. The idea of a set threshold levels allowing a user to filter out only stupidity up to a certain point could be interesting. Rather than limitation or discrimination a hierarchy that one could ascribe themself to certain levels and the communities that such divisions might create merits some thought.
  • Tags: algorithm, automation, communities, connotations, derivation, discrimination, division, elitism, filtering, hierarchy, implications, intelligence, limit, merit, social network, stupidity.

  • April 23, 2008

    The future, reusable paper
    A lawyer inside your PC - British software can flag corporate nefariousness
    The New E-spionage Threat long article
    Ready for a CyberWalk?

    April 16, 2008

    The impact of the hive mind- all of us are smarter than one of us
    Sanity check: Will the Google revolution engulf IT departments?
    The new chip that will let an iPod store 500,000 songs
    Cyberwar games test nations' responses
    MGM Mirageís IT green field...
    Will social networking stop greenwashers?
    RSAís Coviello: Letís cook up a thinking security defense system
    Chertoff Describes `Manhattan Project` for Cyber-defenses

    April 09, 2008

    Gary Martz on "Cliffside" Wireless PAN technology check the video out
    Instant Messaging for Introverts
    U.S. cyberwarfare preparations include offensive measures
    Future of social networking explored in UW's computer science building
    Every move you make tracked by RFID tags
    Amazon lets customers text to buy

    April 02, 2008

    Tiny music files almost as good as MP3 ones
    Apple makes headway on PC vs Mac front, but isnít that the old war?
    A new kind of cognitive autonomous robots
    Japanese scientists, origami masters aim to launch paper craft from space
    War of the Worlds: The Human Side of Moore's Law

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