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December 2008.

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December 04, 2008

3) Tweeting the terror: How social media reacted to Mumbai
  • The recent unfortunate events of course shouldn't be marginalised into any kind of experiment as rudely suggested by the Twitter user quoted early on in this article. What the rest of the article underlines though is of importance, not from an academic stance but certainly from the view of how can the social media aspect be harnessed in a good, helpful fashion modeled after what was done right in this situation all while mitigating the negative aspects and keeping a handle on things. The fear and furor over whether this level of dissemination helps police and rescues forces or the criminal perpetrators also needs serious addressing.
  • Tags: apparency, communication, dissemination, implications, information, intelligence, limit, misinformation, news, reports, Twitter.

  • 2) Barack Obama's plans for the web
    • Interesting things are afoot as the candidate that leveraged the web and social networks, and all the trimmings as a part of the plan to become president moves on to taking office. What will it bring? This article takes a look at the idea and offers some speculation as well as touching on what has happened so far. The openness is an integral part of the great interest being generated. What does this all say about the future, especially to look in the crystal ball to several years from now? How this will trickle down to business, and other areas of future life?
  • Tags: apparency, economics, future, government, implications, infrastructure, priorities, social network, society, Twitter.

  • 1) Why I Love Twitter
    • Point number two of this look at Twitter gets into the mechanics of social network friending (it looks at it inn plain English) and in doing so extends beyond to speak of human interaction in the real, offline world. The idea given words as "ambient intimacy" is especially pertinent and intriguing as a way to look at people's interactions with each other and not just the information that they share but how they share it, and how they grow thier network.
  • Tags: apparency, connections, follow, information, interactions, popular determination, social capital, social network, Twitter.

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