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November 2008.

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November 20, 2008

3) Kindle Economics
  • What is interesting to a technology and horror geek about this article? The Kindle itself is not horribly interesting actually. For the price a netbook would be better given the software for reading e-books is readily available, and the machine does much more than the Kindle. Still it is an interesting gadget. What is more interesting is that the device will or even has started changing the game for e-books and the idea of putting college textbooks on the Kindle can only be a big push in that direction of greater e-book acceptance. The economies of scale angle is also of interest, how when looking at the overall numbers things really add up substantially (a core essential of economies of scale).
  • Tags: e-books, economics, economies of scale, implementation, implications, readers, software, technology.

  • 2) Radar Networks opens Twine to the world with version 1.0
    • Twine as detailed here is not a social network, but an interest network, a semantic web driven site/tool that allows people to follow lines of links on specific topics. People go to websites, see things of interesting, add them to a twine for a specific subject (or multiple subjects) and leave a comment about the site, its value to them for the subject, etc. Sound familiar? This is kind of like a storm in teacup, a limited sampling right now of just the edge of what will be possible in a full cohesive semantic web.
  • Tags: communities, dissemination, knowledge, popular determination, productivity, research, semantic web, social network.

  • 1) Gundam cartoon academy to turn science fiction into reality in Japan
    • Gundam is more than a TV show or a series of TV series or series of manga series, it's a full, sprawling setting inside which several anime and manga take place. While not particularly hard science fiction, there is enough science and technology thought put in that now, as this article shows, people in Japan are using it as a launching point to direct research and try to make the advancements in what these areas of academics can achieve with a Gundam's eye view of the future.
  • Tags: advancement, communities, experimental, future, implementation, knowledge, military, project, research, science, technology.

  • November 13, 2008

    3) Augmented reality
    • This is an amazing concept. Some of it is currently seen on TV right now. Some of the coloured lineson the football field on TV broadcasts are not really there. They are put in place by a computer system. That is a pretty primitive example of the concept. The full context of what this augmented reality will do is impressive to say the least. It will change things, bring down barriers, and turn the world into a brave new frontier. The possibilities are myraid and the fodder from many great ideas and scenarios in fiction let alone in the real world.
  • Tags: advancement, augmented reality, concept, integrations, optical recognition, pattern recognition, research, technology, ubiquitous computing.

  • 2) Intel CEO previews new handheld gadget [video] (7:18)
    • This video doesn't involve a particularly new concept, but it is a good concept and the device is closer to production now. What the technology will mean is more important than who makes and what device it on. When it comes out things will change. At the same time the technology itself is important for a more life changing technology called augmented reality. For a look at this augmented reality see above.
  • Tags: augmented reality, concept, integrations, optical recognition, pattern recognition, research, technology, translation, ubiquitous computing.

  • 1) Honda Unveils Experimental Walking Assist Device With...
    • Power armour come forth! The most important parts are falling into place. The timetable still isn't clear, but more importantly, civilian uses and those that help rather than harm are coming about first. Of course power armour may be less practical than people imagine, especially when full on robots can take the battlefield.
  • Tags: arms race, demonstration, experimental, man-machine interface, medicine, military, power armour, robotics, science, technogoly.

  • November 06, 2008

    3) Is George Ou right?
    • It's one thing to talk about getting children involved with technology earlier and earlier. It's another to talk about in terms of how well the technology integrates into their young lives, what implications it has as they grow up with it compared to earlier generations that have had to deal with the connectedness of the modern world being thrust onto them. This article barely touches on the futurist possibilities, but how will kids/people work together better than now as the current technology advances and the effects of social networking ripple through merging work and private lives in ways just being glimpsed now? What of other integrations being added to the mix as software becomes more powerful and intelligent?
  • Tags: collaboration, communication, connections, future, implications, integrations, learning, merit, semantic web, social network, technology.

  • 2) DARPA Contract Description Hints at Advanced Video Spying
    • Big brother is watching, and its pulling in more and more data. It knows more with every technological advance forward. What are the connotations of a surveillance society? Since everything of this sort leads to an arm race between security forces and the criminal element what will the criminals do to circumvent this? What spy tactics already available will be used to thwart identification? Then how will those exploits be countered?
  • Tags: arms race, connotations, DARPA, data, identification, intrigue, knowledge, obscurity, security, spies, surveillance, video analysis.

  • 1) Smart fabrics and interactive textiles
    • This is a concept that goes back a while. It even ended up featured in my novel. There are a number of things to explore between these smart fabrics and e-paper. The interactivity of things is one that may be a little hard to fathom. The possible applications are many and varied, especially where sensors are involved. What are the implications of these technologies for advertising, social networking, future business models, et al?
  • Tags: application, business model, concept, display, dissemination, e-paper, implications, sensors, smart fabric, social network.

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